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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Do

I know this is a really late post. But happiness is about to share, right? :)

Finally, the engagement day has come. It was on Sunday morning, December 9th 2012, a beautiful sunny day. I'm telling you, I was so nervous and already woke up at 3 am! I couldn't sleep, I thought about many things, my heart beat so fast, and I couldn't believe the man I met a year ago would come on that day to propose me. When he came to my house for the first time, he right away told my parents that he wants to marry me. Yes, my man is a very brave man.

Fikar's big family came a long way from Jakarta to Bandung, only for this engagement event :') They arrived at my grandmother's house at 10 am. Look at the long line!

The excited face of my man and a "are you ready, son?" expression from his father :)

They're coming!
(At that time, I was really nervous in the bedroom. I was not allowed to come out until my parents pick me up.)

After the greetings, my uncle asked Fikar's family (which is presented by his uncle), what is the intention by coming here. (This is just the part of the engagement ceremony in my culture. We all know what is the intention :p ) They're coming here as the request of Fikar, to ask me, to propose me to be his wife. My uncle who set up the event, planned to make a "prank" before I showed up. My parents came up with two of my cousins, asked Fikar if she's the girl he wants to propose or not. This "prank" was really worked. I heard the laughter and I became more nervous. That means I will come out from the room very soon and meet my man :)
See the laughter by the prank? :D

And tadaaaaaaa, I'm showing up!
My happy face seeing my man :)

And this is the highlight. My man, the man that I love, proposed me to be his wife. 

Watch the video :)

"Waktu aku pertama kali ketemu kamu dan ngobrol sama kamu, ada sesuatu yang kuat di dalam diri aku yang ngebuat aku berdoa... Aku berdoa Ya Allah, kalau memang setiap manusia yang Engkau ciptakan punya jodohnya masing-masing, izinkanlah wanita yang aku lihat sekarang adalah jodoh aku. Waktu itu aku pulang, dari abis ketemu kamu dan aku cerita ke Mama kalau aku jatuh hati hari itu. Terus aku minta sama Mama dan Papa, doakan aku karena ridho Papa dan Mama adalah ridho Allah, dan setelah itu kita deket dan langsung aku minta permintaan terakhir ke Papa Mama tentang kamu. Aku minta mereka izinkan dan minta restu mereka untuk menikah dengan kamu dan minta mereka melamar kamu. Jadi hari ini aku dateng, Nadya, dengan keluarga aku, dengan rahmat Allah, dengan orang tuaku, aku pengen kamu jadi istri aku."

"When I first met you and talk to you, there's something strong inside me that made me pray... I prayed, Dear God, if every human that you create has their soul mate, let the woman I'm looking now be my soul mate. After I met you, I got home, I told my mom that I fell in love with you. Then I asked my parents, asked for their prayer, because my parents' blessing is God's blessing. And after that we were getting closer, then I asked for the last permission about you. I asked my parents to give their permission to marry you and I asked them to propose you. So today I come, Nadya, with my family, with God's blessing, with my parents, I want you to be my wife."

I can't say any thing, any word. I am speechless, I am touched.
My happy tears for the most beautiful proposal from My Man :')

Every girl, every woman who watched the proposal, drop their tears. Even my dad. I didn't know what to say, my voice trembled, I didn't know what I said at that time. (You can hear what I said from the video :p) All I wanted to say was thankful words to God who has sent a man that I need, a man for me, a man who love and respect me that much.

Their happy tears :')

I was sooo relieved after that. Happy and grateful, that's all I can say :)
Beautiful mothers :)

In my culture, after the proposal, the mother of the man will give some presents or "hantaran/seserahan" for the girl. The mother of the girl will give some presents too. Usually the mother of the man will give jewelry, some amount of money, food, clothes, and other stuff.

I remember when we looked each other and held each other hand after the event. We are sooo happy! We can't stop smiling and greet our families, relatives, and friends. 

With our beautiful mothers.

With the parents.

With my family.

With Fikar's family.

With my best girls.

With Fikar's best friends.

And this is Nadya and Fikar, the bride and groom-to-be!

We will be married in May, Insya Allah, we are working on it. My everyday now is about wedding preparation. So excited! Keep praying for us :)

This is why I write this post today. A year ago, February 19th 2012, Fikar and I met at his office. I was interviewed for job vacancy. I remember he sat in front of me and looked me with his sharp eyes. I didn't like it, I didn't like him at that time. But I knew he fell in love with me at first sight, and I am right. He told me, when I entered the room, he knew right away that I am the one. Therefore, he marked my chair after the interview :) 

Fidea Headquarter, February 19th 2012.
A year ago.
 The day we met. The day that changed everything.
I love you, Ikang :)

More stories from us will come, and those will be more than a fairy tale.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mint Breeze

How are you blogosphere? How's life treating you? Mine is great! Living the life with dreams and beautiful plans. I'm on my way there, Bismillahirrahirrahmanirrahiim (In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful). To get there, I have to prepare myself, learn to be a better person, a better woman. Because my dream is to be a great woman, a great life partner for my great man. Because we know, we will be the greatest, the coolest ever! :) I'm so excited with all beautiful plans. Our dream is on its way. Amin :)

I just realized that I've bought many green clothes (mint, to be exact) lately, as you see in this post, too. My favorite is the pants. They're pleats, wide, and mint! :D My eyes attracted to this color, just like when I saw mint-brocade-fabric in a fabric store. Right at first sight, I knew this color would be the color of my engagement kebaya :)  

Have been looking for big, edgy earrings. And I found them. Happy!
Zara top, unbranded pants, H&M clutch and sunnies, Charles&Keith shoes
Behind the shot: texting him-shot :) 
Will tell more story soon! Just pray for me and my man, hope that our way is always be with God's blessing. Amin and thank you! xoxo

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dream Big, Go Forth, Stay Humble

Whenever the life takes me higher, I always want to keep my heart on the ground. We hope, we dream, but I always tell myself to stay on the ground, to be humble. We don’t know what will happen in the next 10 years, next year, next month, next day, even one second later. Only God knows. But we, as human, we still can plan; we still can dream what we want to be, what we want to do. Dream big, give your best effort, and go forth, but stay humble and be grateful of everything. 

Literally, I love to stay on the ground (read: grass). It started when my Fikar asked me to go to a place, somewhere near Bandung. A grassland with many pine trees and hills. We laid there, barefoot. And we watched the most beautiful show on earth; the skies. It was sooo amazing! Since then, grass always be my favorite. I always love laying there, love the smell, love the feeling when my feet touch the grass. It feels… humble, like I’m at the closest point with nature. I don’t want to go anywhere, just laying there and enjoy the moment, my intimate moment with nature. 

Another pair of my favorite Levi's :)

When playing with grass (read: green color), I love to play with pastel tone. And yes of course, I paired them with my all-time-favorite Levi's jeans. The blue color really suits the palette, gives the balance. Love this moment, it feels like I want to stay all day laying here! Nothing beats the comfort; yes this is my comfort zone; to stay all day long with these cool jeans on the grass!

And oh, I can't wait to come again to that beautiful grassland! Let's, love :) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mood On Style

I'm addicted to mood board. And most of the time, I make mood board before doing the photo shoot. It always feels fun searching all the products/outfit you want to wear and bring the mood into the board (that's why it's called mood board :p ) 

This is the mood board I made for my look on my previous post.
The New Chic

And this is the "implementation" :) 

Is there anyone do the same thing like me? Making the mood board before doing the photo shoot? It's fun really, because you play with your imagination by making the mood board; building the mood, searching pictures related to the mood, and it can be anything. I always enjoy making mood board :)

A few weeks ago, I posted about What's Your Look; Levi's photo competition. Share your look wearing anything Levi's, show your personality of style, and you can win many cool prizes. I checked the website and found more people joining What's Your Look, so the competition is getting more intense! I just uploaded all the photos on my previous post to www.whatsyourlook.co.id. There's no limit on how many photos we want to upload, you can upload photo as many you want! But remember, your image file size needs to be within 1 MB. 

You can see all my photos there wearing Levi's in some different situations, but still with my own style :) So wear your anything Levi's and share it to www.whatsyourlook.co.id to show your own style, and who knows you can win cool prizes. Good luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

These Jeans

Last week, I planned to go to visit my boyfriend in Jakarta and I was trying to surprise him like he used to do to me :) I took a train, because I'm getting bored with shuttle travel and I wanted to try different traveling experience by taking a train. So I went to the train station in hurry. I wore my favorite jeans and jacket, with t-shirt and loafers. 

Jeans and Jacket, Levi's

Finally I arrived at my uncle's home. My boyfriend would pick me up there and we planned to have a formal date. But unfortunately, I forgot to bring anything formal to be worn with my black bow-tie blouse and high heels. I only brought my favorite jeans, only a pair of jeans! So I had no choice, I had to wear the jeans. But apparently, the jeans made my formal looks more cool! I said to myself, "Everything is okay, even gets better!" :)

Jeans, Levi's
My perfect jeans!

On the next day, I decided to do nothing, just do the me time like reading magazine, my favorite thing to do. But then again, I forgot to bring my shorts. But hey! I have an awesome pair of jeans :) I paired the jeans with this super comfy boyfriend's shirt (it's literally my boyfriend's! hihi) and they all turned out to be my comfy outfit! 
Shirt, My Boyfriend's; Jeans, Levi's
I really love these jeans because I can wear it in any occasion. From casual to formal, or in a hurry! :p Mine is these Levi's Demi Curve Straight. I love the cutting; it really suits my body type. How about you? :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

What's Your Look?

Everyone has their own style. Mine is easily depends on my mood. I can be feminine, edgy, boyish, or anything. And I just realized that there's one item that always suits my moody style; a pair of jeans. It's a must-have item in everyone's closet. You can pair jeans with anything, any style, any outfit. Freedom of style.

As in my blog title; Style, Pose, and Tell, I really love to Style (my favorite thing to do), Pose (yes you can see many poses), and Tell (I love to tell and share!), I found this interesting lookbook website: www.whatsyourlook.co.id by Levi's Indonesia. The difference with other lookbook websites is: it's a jeans lookbook! And it's sooooo simple. Just wear your anything Levi's (jeans, top, or accessories); wear it with your original way; pose and give your best shot; upload it; then if you are lucky, you can win cool prizes like iPad2, Levi's apparel, and vouchers! Who doesn't love this competition? :)

How to join What's Your Look?
Go to www.whatsyourlook.co.id, click "Upload Your Look Now" on the up right corner section. It will link to your Facebook account so you have to log in.

 Fill the Account Details and click "Save".

Upload your photo!

 Select the style(s) you're wearing. 

Describe your look.

Review your look, then click "Submit"! 

Yeay! My look now is in the Gallery and officially join What's Your Look :)

Cool! Now I have my own page! I can share my look via Twitter and Facebook too, and also upload other looks :)

How long the period of What's Your Look competition?
This competition started on August 13th 2012 and will be end on September 30th 2012. 

The prizes?
5 best looks judged by Levi's will win iPad2
20 best looks judged by Levi's will win Levi's apparels
10 most liked looks (Facebook likes) will win Rp200.000,- Levi's vouchers
30 Lucky Draw winners (6 winners every Monday) will win Rp150.000,- Levi's vouchers
200 first people who upload a look will get Rp100.000,- Levi's vouchers

For those who don't have any photographer or someone to take the picture, Levi's will make it easy! There will be in-store photo shoot in some malls and in-campus photo shoot in some campus in Jakarta. For more information, follow @LevisID on Twitter. Good luck to you! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012


One of my good friends asked me on messenger:
 “Well, give me an update of what you’ve been doing for the past year since we last talked.”
And I said:
“Wow, so many things happened.”

I really want to share everything but too many stories to be told on messenger. I am not the extrovert type, but now, I always feel like want to share everything, especially the happiness. I think that always happen when someone feels happy and grateful. Who knows that someone I met six months ago, now is someone that I want to share and restart my life with.

Serendipity; a pleasant, lovely coincidence. :)

And this what I want to share too: I have my own domain. YEAY! :)
I'm so happy. Now you can open nadyagita.com, click My Blog to see this blog, and you can contact me to myself@nadyagita.com to ask anything. Thank you my man, FRM, for making one my dreams comes true. I love you :)


This is finally my latest outfit post since The Mustard Effect. Quick styling, quick photo shoot. These two detachable collars are some of handmade collections by my aunty and me (will work on it again soon!). The first one is white-silver-sequined shirt collar; give the edgy touch of the total look, and the second one is red-sequined peterpan collar; give the preppy and feminine touch.

~ collar change~
Top and legging jeans, Zara; Bag, Furla; Shoes, custom.

Okay, I just heard something new and exciting. You can just upload your personal outfit look and you can win iPad, cool jeans and merchandise, and also gift voucher. Will post about it on my next post! :)